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Laser Nail Treatment

Dr. Bhakta has chosen to adopt the use of laser technology to treat fungal nails for a number of reasons:

  • Unlike oral medications, laser treatment causes no side effects.
  • Treatment takes only about 15 minutes, and most patients only feel occasional warmth.
  • There is no need to remove the nail plate, making laser treatment much less invasive than other techniques, and patients don’t have to endure post-operative pain.

Plus, as someone who prides himself on keeping up with the latest trends in technology, Dr. Bhakta is dedicated to ensuring his offices offer state-of-the-art conveniences like laser fungal nail treatments. The practice’s Gainesville office also has digital X-ray and ultrasound machines on-site, eliminating a trip to the emergency room or diagnostic imaging center for conditions like ankle sprains and other athletic injuries. Patients can also benefit from electronic medical records and online appointment scheduling

Mukesh Bhakta, D.P.M.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

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