Digital X-Rays, Ultrasound, Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Rx


  1. Our office has a state of the art DIGITAL X-RAY MACHINE on site(in Gainesville office).  It only takes about 10 seconds from taking the xray to the physician looking at the digital images from each treatment room. The xrays can be magnified and adjusted for the best view. It is SUPERIOR to plain film xrays. Angles can be drawn automatically on the digital image to better plan surgical procedures. Xray copies can be printed out on paper or CD or even emailed.
  2. Our office also has a DIGITAL ULTRASOUND which allows viewing for tendonitis, cysts, and fractures. Dr. Bhakta often uses it to guide injections into pin point areas for maximum effectiveness with less medicine.
  3. Most of our Prescription medications are automatically faxed from our ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD system to your pharmacy during your visit. It will save you time and reduce medical errors from handwriting mistakes.
  4. All our new patient forms are online to speed up your encounter at our office. 
  5. Dr. Bhakta encourages all his existing patients to contact him by email or phone so your questions can be answered quickly 

Facilities and Equipment

  • Digital X-Ray Machine
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine
  • Custom Orthotics for Adults and Children
 Foot X-Rays  Toe X-RayX-Ray