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Treatment of Bunions for Residents of Warrenton, Centreville, Brambleton & Surrounding Areas

Bunions As anyone who is afflicted with bunions can tell you, this podiatric condition can lead to significant pain and discomfort. A bunion occurs when the big toe leans inward (toward the second toe) and its joint becomes enlarged. This is typically caused by genetic factors, including excessively flexible ligaments, flat feet , and abnormal bone structure. If you’re experiencing what may be a bunion, visit Dr. Mukesh Bhakta, D.P.M. at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center , PC and South Riding Foot & Ankle Center for a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.
If you’re diagnosed with bunions , Dr. Bhakta may recommend one or more of the following treatments:
  • Changing the type of shoes that you wear – Flat shoes and those with a wider toe box may place less pressure on the bunion, helping to ease some of the pain, numbness, and inflammation you may be experiencing.
  • Dress or sports orthotics – These devices, which we can make right here in our own offices, can provide stability to the foot and help to address any biomechanical faults that may have contributed to the development of bunions.
  • Surgery – This is typically the treatment of last resort and is usually only recommended when bunions are affecting your lifestyle or if they’re interfering with the mechanics of other areas in your feet.
If you’re suffering from bunions and live in Warrenton, Centreville, Brambleton, or any other surrounding area, click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhakta.