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Athlete's FootAthlete’s foot is a fungal infection that typically affects the areas between the toes. This irritating condition can cause itching, burning, cracked and peeling skin, blisters, and thick, discolored nails. If you live in Manassas Park, Centreville, Bristow, or any surrounding area and are experiencing these symptoms, you can turn to Dr. Mukesh Bhakta, D.P.M. at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center, PC and South Riding Foot & Ankle Center.
Many individuals assume that athlete’s foot is only caught in locker rooms, communal showers, and other areas that can be of questionable sanitation. While these locations can certainly serve as breeding grounds, the fungus actually naturally inhabits the skin. It thrives in damp, close environments, such as tight shoes and damp socks, which can cause these organisms to grow and develop into a full-blown infection. As a result, many patients become afflicted with the condition without even coming into contact with a contaminated surface. However, those who are infected can spread the condition by walking barefoot on locker room floors and sharing towels, among other methods of transmission.
Fortunately, this condition can be prevented by not walking barefoot, frequently changing socks, and using talcum powder to reduce foot perspiration. If you’ve developed athlete’s foot despite your best efforts to prevent it, Dr. Bhakta can prescribe a topical or oral antifungal medication if needed.
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