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By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
April 02, 2018
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Are you suffering from foot warts?warts

If you have foot warts and don't know how to treat them, then your best bet may be your, Gainesville, VA, podiatrist, Dr. Mukesh Bhakta.

What are foot warts?

Foot warts are usually mistaken for corns or calluses, which are layers of dead skin built up to protect an area constantly irritated. Viral infections cause warts that penetrate the skin through cuts and abrasions. On the upside, the majority of foot warts are not dangerous but painful.

What do they look like?

They are raised above the rest of your skin and fleshy, and are found anywhere on the foot or toes. Warts can sometimes disappear, then recur in the same place. If, however, they are left untreated, they can grow up to an inch or more in circumference and spread into clusters.

Who is like to get warts?

Children and teenagers are the most susceptible to warts. It's vital to ensure your children's feet are constantly clean and dried properly after a bath.

What's a common wart?

Plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet and are painful. They are hard, flat, maintain well-defined boundaries and a rough surface and. They vary in color but are usually gray or brown.

You can get plantar warts if you walk barefoot on dirty or littered surfaces. The virus that causes plantar warts thrives in warm, moist environments, making infection a common occurrence in public pools and locker rooms.

Plantar warts spread by touching, scratching, or contact with skin shed from someone who has the wart.

How do you prevent warts?

Here are a few tips to prevent warts:

  • Avoid direct contact with warts
  • Avoid walking barefoot, except on sandy beaches
  • Change your shoes and socks daily
  • Constantly check your children's feet
  • Keep your feet clean and dry

For more information on foot warts in the Gainesville, VA area call Prince William Foot & Ankle Center at (703) 753 3338 today!

By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
November 20, 2015
Category: Foot health
Tags: warts  

While finding one or several warts on your foot can be uncomfortable, they do not pose a serious health risk, and can usually be treated through a few simple steps. Also known as plantar warts, they are caused when a particular strain of HPV (human papillomavirus) wartsenters the body through small cracks or cuts in the skin of the feet. In cases where the warts become painful and do not resolve on their own, it may become necessary to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to have them removed.

What is the Difference Between a Foot Wart and a Corn or Callous?

At first glance, warts can resemble other common growths on the feet, like corns and callouses. Corns and callouses are layers of dead skin that grow over an area of the foot that has been irritated, usually by friction caused by ill-fitting shoes, and chafing from physical activities like running or hiking. Warts are the result of a viral infection.

Gainesville podiatrist Dr. Mukesh Bhakta, D.P.M., of Prince William Foot & Ankle Center recommends that patients with warts on the feet follow a few basic guidelines to help prevent the warts from spreading:

  • Warts thrive in warm, moist environments; therefore keeping the feet dry and clean should be a priority.
  • Try to minimize direct contact with the warts
  • Avoid walking barefoot, particularly on dirty surfaces like sidewalks
  • Wear clean socks and shoes every day

Most Common Symptoms of Plantar Warts

  • Fleshy, growth (lesion) on the bottom of the foot or toes, usually with black dots
  • Pain when pressure is applied during walking or standing
  • Changes in color
  • Does not heal on its own or grows back over time

If unsure whether a lesion on or around the feet or ankle is a wart, it is important to consult with a foot specialist.

Potential Complications from Plantar Warts

While the majority of cases of plantar warts are harmless, people with underlying health conditions and otherwise compromised immune systems should seek medical treatment and supervision for warts, specifically if you are suffering from diabetes, or taking medication for HIV/AIDS.

Are you suffering from painful plantar warts or other foot injury or condition? Contact the Prince William Foot & Ankle Center at 703-753-3338 to request a consultation with a podiatrist in Gainesville today!