By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
August 10, 2016
Category: Podiatric health

Have you given up on finding an effective treatment for your toenail fungus? Over-the-counter treatments can be helpful if you have a mild problem, but they're not very effective in treating more severe infections. Dr. Mukesh Bhakta, your Gainesville, VA podiatrist at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center, explains how laser nail treatment can get rid of toenail fungus for good.Toenail Treatment

The limitations of drugstore products

The topical medications available at your local drugstore coat the top of your nail and may offer some slight improvement initially. Unfortunately, these medications can't reach the fungus that grows under your nail. If you don't kill this fungus, your problem will continue. If you have a particularly stubborn case of toe nail fungus, even prescription oral medication may not get rid of the fungus. Oral medication also has several unpleasant side effects, including abdominal pain, diarrhea and headaches.

How does laser treatment help?

The laser your Gainesville foot doctor uses penetrates your toenail to kill the fungus underneath. Since he can precisely control the thin beam of light, healthy tissue won't be damaged by the laser beam. The heat generated by the laser light quickly kills the fungus in just one session.

Treatment only takes about 30 to 45 minutes and isn't painful. Your toe may feel a little warm when the laser is applied and you may notice a slight pinprick sensation. Unlike oral medications, laser nail treatment has no unpleasant side effects. Although the fungus will be dead after the treatment, you won't notice immediate results. As your toenail grows, you'll gradually see a new section of fungus-free nail emerge.

Will laser treatment cure my problem?

The fungus is killed in the majority of patients who undergo laser nail treatment. Since fungus is everywhere, there's always a chance you could eventually develop another infection, but if you take precautions, such as wearing shoes in public showers and changing your socks when they become sweaty, you can decrease your chances of developing a new infection.

Laser nail treatment offers a simple solution to toe nail fungus. Call Dr. Bhakta, your Gainesville, VA podiatrist at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center, at (703) 753-3338 to schedule an appointment to learn if laser treatment is a good option for you. Say goodbye to toe nail fungus with laser nail treatment!