By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
January 02, 2019
Category: Foot health
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Toenail FungusNail fungus can certainly try your patience. In fact, your nail may look unchanged, even though you applied anti-fungal medication every day for months. Laser nail fungus offers a quicker way to treat the stubborn fungus. Your Gainesville and South Riding, VA, podiatrist Dr. Mukesh Bhakta offers laser nail fungus treatment at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center.

How does laser nail fungus treatment work?

The topical medication you apply to your nail only penetrates the first few layers of your toenail. If you've just developed a fungal infection, or the infection is fairly mild, drugstore products may be helpful. Unfortunately, if you have a more severe infection, an over-the-counter product won't reach the deeper layers of the nail or the skin under the nail where the fungus flourishes, no matter how diligently you apply it.

Laser nail fungus treatment reaches deep under your nail to kill the fungus that grows on the nail bed. Precisely targeted laser beams heat the pigment that gives toenail fungus its unappealing yellow color. Heating the pigment kills the fungus immediately. Although laser light is very effective in destroying the fungus, it won't damage healthy tissues in your toe.

The laser that your Gainesville and South Riding podiatrist uses produces short bursts of laser energy called pulses. Each pulse produces energy that lasts less than a second, ensuring that your toe doesn't become uncomfortably hot during your treatment. Although your toe may feel a little warm and tingly, you will not be in pain during your treatment. Laser treatment doesn't cause any side effects. As soon as your treatment concludes, you can immediately return to your usual activities.

Will my toenail be clear after my laser treatment?

Although the fungus will be dead after your treatment, your nail will still look the same. Over the next several months, it will gradually become clearer as new nail growth emerges from the bottom of the nail.

Treat your nail infection with laser therapy! Call Gainesville and South Riding, VA, podiatrist Dr. Mukesh Bhakta of Prince William Foot & Ankle Center at (703) 753-3338 to schedule your appointment.