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By Prince William Foot & Ankle Care
April 18, 2016
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Is your bunion pain beginning to become too much to handle? Do you feel pain while you walk, have trouble bending or straightening your big toe or experience redness and swelling at the base of your big toe? If so, bunion treatment may be necessary. Fortunately, many options are available with help from your Gainesville, FL podiatrist at Prince William Foot & Ankle Center.Bunions

What are bunions? 
Bunions are a bony growth located at the base of the big toe. As a bunion grows, it pushes the big toe towards the smaller toes, forcing the toes to push sideways. Due to its location, the body’s weight falls directly onto the bunion, making walking and standing painful. The resulting lump of the bunion tends to rub against shoes, causing irritation and swelling. Women are more likely to develop bunions than men though men can develop them as well. Genetics also play a part in the presence of bunions.

How are bunions treated? 
Sometimes, simply switching the shoes you wear is enough to relieve bunion pain and irritation. Avoid narrow or pointed shoes, such as high heels and try to wear shoes with a big enough toe box to properly accommodate for the foot’s width. Icing the foot or taking over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen help relieve pain and swelling. In more severe cases, your Gainesville doctor may determine you need bunion surgery called a bunionectomy.

What is a bunionectomy? 
A bunionectomy is a surgical procedure which removes the bunion itself and realigns the muscles in the foot to provide normal functionality and pain relief. Bunion surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. You will need about six weeks of recovery time, wearing a walking boot and, if necessary, using crutches. However, bunion removal has a high success rate. Avoid bunions from reforming by wearing comfortable shoes and avoiding narrow toe boxes.

Your podiatrist can help you determine if you would benefit from bunion surgery. For more information on bunion treatment, please contact Dr. Mukesh Bhakta at Prince William Foot & Ankle Care in Gainesville, FL. Call (703)753-3338 to schedule your examination today!