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By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
May 27, 2022
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Know when it might be time to turn to a podiatrist for foot and ankle care.

Your feet and ankles are two of the hardest working parts of the body, so it’s no surprise that you may find yourself dealing with issues at some point. Since you rely on your feet and ankles for everyday movements, it’s important to turn to our Gainesville, VA, podiatrists  Dr. Mukesh Bhakta, and Dr. Anam Ali when issues arise. Here are the most common reasons to turn to our team for care,

You Have Diabetes

Diabetic feet require extra special care, like those with diabetes are more at risk for nerve damage, and ulcers. If you notice any changes in your feet, no matter how minor (even mild redness or swelling), it’s important that you call us right away for an evaluation. Even if you aren’t dealing with issues, you should still have your feet checked out by our team at least once a year.

You Have an Infected Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is typically a minor nuisance for healthy individuals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still deal with an infected toenail. It’s important to spot the signs of an infection, such as increased redness, swelling and pain, and pus or drainage coming from the nail. If you notice any of these symptoms, you’ll want to call our Gainesville, VA, podiatrist as soon as possible.

You Have Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can be downright challenging to treat, especially on your own, but leaving toenail fungus untreated can lead to permanent nail damage. If at-home or over-the-counter treatments aren’t working for you, our team can provide you with effective medications or laser therapy to destroy the fungal infection.

You Are Dealing with New or Worsening Foot Pain

While not all aches and pains warrant turning to our team, it’s important that any new, worsening or severe pain is evaluated by our Gainesville, VA, podiatrist to find out what’s going on and know how to treat it properly. After all, not all foot and ankle conditions are treated the same way, and you want to make sure your feet are getting the right care.

Your Everyday Routine is Impacted

Suppose you find that foot or ankle problems impact your daily routine and make it difficult to do everything from run errands to workout. In that case, you may want to schedule an appointment with us to find out what’s going on and to get the customized treatment you need to get back on your feet again.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to call Prince William Foot & Ankle Center in Dulles and Gainesville, VA, at (703) 753-3338 to schedule an appointment with our podiatrists Dr. Bhakta and Dr. Ali. We provide full-spectrum foot and ankle care to patients of all ages.

By Prince William Foot & Ankle Center
January 24, 2020
Category: Podiatry
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Preventive care, an essential aspect of maintaining good health, can also help you protect your feet. In fact, regular visits to your podiatrist, Dr. Mukesh Bhakta of Prince William Foot & Ankle Center in Gainesville, VA, offer a simple way to improve your comfort and decrease the risk of complications due to chronic conditions—read on to learn more!

How You Can Benefit From Preventive Care

Feet are often overlooked yet play a crucial role in your life. When your feet hurt, everything becomes more difficult, from navigating the stairs to your bedroom to walking from the parking lot to your office to participating in your favorite activities.

Preventive care can help you:

  • Manage Chronic Conditions: Do you have diabetes, circulation problems, or an autoimmune disorder? All of these conditions can affect your feet, increasing your risk of infections, pain, numbness, swelling, and other symptoms. Thanks to preventive visits, your Gainesville foot doctor can diagnose and treat problems before they can affect your health.
  • Avoid Balance Issues As You Age: Age-related changes in your feet may affect your gait and increase your risk of falling. Fortunately, your podiatrist offers custom-designed shoe inserts called orthotics to improve arch support and keep your feet properly aligned when you wear shoes.
  • Prevent Back, Leg or Hip Pain: Foot imbalances, arch problems, and other issues don't just cause pain in your feet, but may affect the alignment of your entire body. Your foot doctor can determine if a biomechanical foot issue may cause or contribute to your back, hip, or leg pain.
  • Identify Foot or Ankle Conditions in Children: Preventive visits are particularly important for young children. Promptly identifying foot, ankle, or toe conditions will ensure that your child receives the treatment needed to avoid lifelong foot issues.
  • Prevent Sports Injuries in Children and Adults: Sports participation is a common cause of foot and ankle injuries. Injuries may be more likely to occur if you turn your feet inward, you have a foot imbalance, or if your shoes don't adequately cushion and support your feet. During your visit to the foot doctor, you may be surprised to learn that you have one of these issues. Fortunately, your podiatrist can make a few recommendations that will help you avoid injuries when you're on the field or court.

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