Fungal Nail

All Nails: $200 perTreatment (Three Treatments Required)

Single Nail: $100 per Treatment (Three Treatments Required)

The Fox Laser for Fungal Toenail Treatment is both affordable and powerful. Although this treatment is not covered by any medical insurance it is safe and effective with no systemic side effects. This is a fast and painless procedure (although you may feel some warmth) that takes about 15 to 25 minutes to complete. Three treatments are required and they are spaced about eight to ten weeks apart.

Use your HRA or Flex Spending Account.
Below are pictures of our patients that have been treated with the Fox Laser in our office.

Patient A (below) – Fungal Nails and Damage
Patient B (below) – Fungal Nails and Thickening
Patient C (below) – Fungal nail and damage
Patient D (below) – Severe Fungal Nails
Patient E (below) – Fungus with repetitive trauma
Patient F (below) – fungus with drying of nail
Patient G (below) – fungus with thickening
Patient H (below) – fungus yellow/whitening